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Having fifty years of professional experience as a UK tax specialist I have provided UK tax advice online for twenty-one years covering a wide range of British taxation issues for individuals residing in the UK and living abroad. During this time I have provided help online to more than seven hundred individuals with their tax problems.
In the mid 1980's I represented the former England Soccer team captain, Terry Butcher, and handled the taxation aspects of his transfer from Ipswich Town FC to Glasgow Rangers and continue to represent individuals working in the international sporting world.
I also provide UK tax advice online from time-to-time for accountants and solicitors on mission-critical technical issues where I have specialist knowledge, and which in the past would have been done by permanent employees or established outside firms. These challenging assignments often include aspects of ex-patriate taxation, including Inheritance Tax planning, and working on this basis enables me to leave behind the endless internal meetings and office politics which absorbed 30% to 40% of the time on a case.

As a client you will receive individually tailored advice to meet your own specific requirements, not a pre-determined package.

If your tax affairs are straightforward, you are living abroad, or you visited the UK for holiday work and wish to obtain a tax refund, but did not contact a tax consultant before leaving, then to find a tax specialist or to engage an international tax advisor, you would have to approach an accountancy firm which is time-consuming and expensive. I provide a wide range of reliable UK tax advice online, including offshore tax planning where appropriate, to individuals who are both UK resident and living abroad for reasonable fees.
As a qualified British tax advisor I pride myself in providing a prompt and reliable UK online tax service so the related e-mail accounts are monitored regularly.

Useful information on tax codes, HM Revenue and Customs offices, tax rates, plus a British tax calculator and foreign taxation information can be found via my links page.
My personal UK tax clients include self-made millionaires, expat executives, foreign nationals, international teachers, media businessmen, and non-resident landlords. My UK tax work is carried out through offices in Bangkok.

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