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North Sea Oil Workers

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As a worker on an oil platform or vessel in the UK Sector of the North Sea HM Revenue and Customs will insist your employer deduct income tax from your earnings under PAYE since they cannot determine the correct tax status of every worker until they know each individual's personal circumstances.
If you hold a non-UK passport, or are a British passport holder living overseas, it is possible, by using provisions of international Double Taxation Treaties, for all of the UK income tax deducted under PAYE to be refunded.
If you would like me to review your tax status please email me using the facility below, providing your full name, the names of the vessels/platforms you have worked on, the name and address of the companies you have been contracted to, and the dates you worked. I will respond within 24 hours with an initial review of your tax status.

" "It was by chance I found Stephen's website. I'm glad that I did. After speaking with Stephen via email I decided to see what he could offer. Just received my rebate of nearly 5k. I didn't think it was possible to be working in the UKCS and living in Thailand to receive anything. I can wholeheartedly give my recommendation of the service and professionalism on which he carried out his work and the benefits it has given me." 3rd January, 2017

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