Stephen J. Dann
UK Tax Advisor

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Emigrating from the UK

If you are considering leaving the UK, even if only for a brief time, then there are several matters which need consideration:

1. Do you need a work permit? If so has one been obtained? If you are unsure of the requirements then it would be wise to contact the Consular officials in the country you are visiting.

2. Will you be away long enough to be considered non-resident for UK tax purposes? Contact me for further advice on this, or visit the Inland Revenue website for free information.

3. Have you considered the effect of your departure date on your tax affairs? The choice of date can be the most significant aspect to determining whether you continue to pay UK taxes.

4. Have you considered the residence status of your family members? Your spouse will not necessarily have the same status as you.

5. Have you completed the Inland Revenue departure form P85. This is avaiable free from my links page in PDF format.

6. Have the Inland Revenue authorised an NT PAYE code? If not then I can negotiate this. 7. Have you considered the imact of taxes in the country you are visiting? In many cases I am able to provide advice from tax advisors in other countries.

8. Are you aware of the taxation consequences on bonuses recieved after you leave the UK but based upon your UK emnployment prior to departure?

9. Do you have equity/ stock option / deferred compensation arrangements and are you aware of the taxation treatment?

10. Do you intend to let out your home? If so please read the information on my page for non-resident landlords.

11. If you will be letting out your home then the necessary form NRL1 is available on my links page in PDF format.

12. Have you informed your mortgage company, bank and insurance company of your departure?

13. If you are planning to sell your property, have you considered the tax implications in the country you will be moving to? In many instances I can advise on this.

14. Are you aware of the requirements to continue paying National Insurance Contributions whilst abroad? In some instances you may be required to continue paying NIC for five years. In other instances you may be advised to pay Class III Voluntary Contributions. I can advise on these issues.

15. What pension arrangements are you making after your departure? You may not be able to continue making contributions to a UK scheme, although some schemes will allow you to do so.

16. Have you considered how your contributions and those of your employer, into a pension scheme will be treated in the new country?

17. Are you planning on visiting the UK whilst living abroad? The length of any such visits may have bearing on your tax status and you should obtain advice before leaving. Contact me if you want more information on this point.

18. Will you be disposing of assets in the year you leave the UK or whilst abroad? My Capital Gains Tax page may help you understand the implication, otherwise please contact me for further advice as to how to plan your departure.

19. Do you have formerly tax-free UK investments such as TESSA or ISA? Are you aware of the taxation consequences of your departure?

20. Have you considered investing your savings offshore or in Government Securities?

21. Will you be fully covered for medical costs? If not then you should consider medical insurance.