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"I cannot recommend Stephen highly enough after he helped me successfully claim back the income tax I had paid during the two years I was working at BISP in Phuket, Thailand, which he did under the 3 year Chinese treaty (as that is where I had worked previously). Although I later found out that Stephen's services were relatively well known amongst the Bangkok International School community, this was no the case for me when Stephen approached me (after I had left) Phuket. Despite the added complications of having to make the claim remotely from the UK, Stephen and his team were able to expertly guide me through the process, help secure some documents from my previous school and manage some of my documents couriered via them into China and back. You can trust them completely to do this efficiently and securely and as a result I was able to get the full refund Stephen calculated for me. I wish I had known about this at the time, before leaving Thailand, as I'm sure it would have sped the process up, however if Stephen says he can help you, trust him - I now 4 further teachers who have also successfully claimed refunds with him, so I doubt there is anyone better out there in this niche industry. Thank you again for your help." 5th April, 2023

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