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"To anyone who has worked in Thailand and will return to the United States (and other countries as well): I strongly recommend using an expert by the name of Stephen Dann from UK Tax Advisor. Mr. Dann can assist individuals returning to other countries, but I will speak to my experience returning to the United States. Getting a refund of income tax paid to Thailand is a little known and little understood option established through a tax treaty between the Thai government and other countries. Of course there will be some upfront costs to receive his services, but it was certainly worth it for me. After teaching in Thailand for two years, I was aware that it might be possible to get a refund on two years of Thai income tax, but I had no idea about how to manage the offices of Thai government. A trusted friend gave me the name of Stephen Dann. He explained that Mr. Dann was able to get refunds for people from the US, UK, Europe and even China. I contacted Stephen, but was still somewhat skeptical about arranging money transfers and the time it would take to actually receive a refund. Stephen's one phone call and multiple emails clearly explained the process to me. It took some time for the money to be wired into my US account, but following his advice and letting him manage paper work was certainly worth the effort. I received an initial refund for my first year after six months, and then Mr. Dann followed through several months later with a refund for my second year of Thai income tax. All of these payments were arranged after I had already returned to the United States. Mr. Dann's professional approach, international experience, and knowledge of the Thai government offices are outstanding. My best advice is to contact him and follow his advice. Best regards, Timothy D. Irish Former employee of Ruamrudee International School Now living in Chicago, Illinois." 28th April, 2020

Mr. Tim Irish

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