Stephen J. Dann
~ ITPA ~
UK Tax Advisor


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If you are considering either insolvency (a voluntary arrangement) or bankruptcy then I have valuable experience in this field.
I have assisted self-employed individuals through bankruptcy and advised on terminating voluntary arrangements.

My dealings with Lloyd's Underwriting Names provided me with invaluable experience in negotiating with creditors. None of my Lloyd's clients became either bankrupt or insolvent. I am not an insolvency practitioner and would ordinarily advise against the use of a Voluntary Arrangement since this involves handing over control of your finances to an individual who stands to gain by perpetuating the arrangement.

If you do need assistance in this field then simply email me quoting "insolvency" and notify me if you have received a Statutory Demand or a Bankruptcy Petition. If so please indicate the date of issue. You should receive my initial response within 24 hours.

If you are a homeowner and are merely need a repayment holiday period, you may wish to consider the company advertised below. Do bear in mind that interest is being charged during the repayment holiday.


If you have any questions regarding the insolvency process, ranging from County court Judgements, Statutory Demands, or Individual Voluntary Arrangements, then contact me by email below. I respond promptly.

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