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If your tax affairs are straightforward, you are overseas, or you visited the UK for holiday work, then to contact a British tax consultant you would have to approach an accountancy firm which is time-consuming and expensive. In the past nineteen years I have provided UK tax advice online to over six hundred and fifty individuals for reasonable fees and the most recent enquiries are listed below.
As a qualified UK tax consultant I pride myself in providing a prompt and reliable service so the related e-mail account is monitored regularly. Some of my largest online competitors use the information you provide them for further commercial purposes, selling financial products and other services not connected with tax advice at all. If no privacy policy is displayed on their website, or advice is offered for free, or suspiciously low fees, you may be laying yourself open to unsolicited advertising. I take the aspect of privacy most seriously and I invite you to view my privacy policy for further details. PRIVACY POLICY

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British/UK Tax online advice - Recent Internet Enquiries as at 10th July, 2022




Self Assessment Reurn 2022



Current-year tax refund on pension drawdown



Non-resident landlord Self Assessment Returns 2020, 2021 ans 2022



Self Assessment Returns 2020 and 2021. Error or Mistake Relief claim 2015 to 2019 inclusive. National Insurance and State Pension review


Costa Rica

Tax residency certificate for 2019 from Thailand



Obtaining police background check from Thailand for international teacher.



Residency advice and preparation of 2020 and 2021Self Assessment Return forms, establishing a Thai company and registering with the Revenue Department of Thailand.



Self Assessment Return 2021 including foreign earnings and letting income.



Self Assessment Return 2020 and US form 1040 for 2020



Advice for expat returning to UK including Capital Gains tax and State pension.



Non-resident landlord Self Assessment Return form 2020



a.Sometimes the only qualification competitors display is a degree. Unless a taxation qualification is also displayed, a degree is not of any relevance.
b. Others are Limited Companies where there may be personnel changes. One such company I have encountered, aimed at holiday workers, resorts to remarkably outlandish claims.
c. In many instances you will be expected to sign over your entire tax refund to the agent where a claim is made on your behalf.
d. Former HMRC inspectors are also offering their services. There is often no independent body where their status can be verified, and they are far more sympathetic of HMRC errors than I.

a. Copies of my taxation examination certificates may be found via my sitemap link at the foot of this page.
b. Where an income tax refund is due the payment is made direct to you. I do not expect you to entrust someone you have only encountered on the internet with your money.
c. I have nineteen complete years' experience of providing British tax advice online as can be verified by the independent statistics displayed on most pages.
d. You are invited to pay my fees by credit card, in which case you are able to request a refund in the event that I fail to provide the required advice. WorldPay have provided my credit card processing since my original Merchant Bankers, Paysystems Inc. withdrew from non-USA internet banking in August, 2004, and I have only been involved in one reverse credit card charge, when a failure by my internet hosting service prevented me from responding fully to a client, and I did not dispute the refund request since it was entirely reasonable. I now have a backup server and email service to prevent this happening again.
A link to the Worldpay Inc. website is provided via their logo on my Payment page and you are welcome to contact them.

To engage my services, or for further information please contact me by e-mail
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