Stephen J. Dann
UK Tax Advisor

Experience and References

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My forty year career commenced with 18 months' training in a small firm of Chartered Accountants where I worked as Accounts Clerk and later Accounts Supervisor and Manager establishing a new branch office in Essex. I left this position to join the Inland Revenue in Dagenham, Essex, as Executive Officer for three years, supervising staff and administering a portfolio of complex tax cases. As a young Inland Revenue officer it was I who originated the case of Kirvell vs Guy.
I left the Inland Revenue to work as Consultant to a small firm of Chartered Accountants in London, where I passed my professional examinations. One year later I left to join Kidsons, Chartered Accountants, in Aldwych, London, again in a consultancy role, where I specialised in Company Directors and High Net Worth individuals.
My final position in the City was with dePaula Turner Lake & Company where I handled the taxation affairs of the Laker Directors and a portfolio of Lloyd's Underwriters and High Net Worth individuals. With the merger between dePaula Turner Lake & Company and Littlejohn Frazer I established my own firm handling a wide range of taxation issues, in addition to preparing accounts for Self Employed individuals partnerships, and Limited Companies.
My firm grew to employ two full-time staff and three part-time sub-contractors before I sold much of the accountancy side in order to specialise in taxation. It is public knowledge that in 1987 I personally advised on the taxation aspects of contractual arrangements between the then England soccer team captain, Terry Butcher, and Glasgow Rangers.
Through my present company based in Bangkok, where I employ four staff. I now provide consultancy services to my personal clientele, some having remained with me for more than two decades, international teachers who are entitled to special taxation treatment by virtue of a network of tax treaties, and a growing community of clients via the internet. Some 20% of my work through this website is with returning clients who have appreciated the convenience, affordability, and reliability of this service.
I maintain the entire site personally which enables me to update it promptly without reference to a programmer and in turn this brings a personal approach to the provision of professional advice via this medium, where empathy and humility are sometimes needed in order to handle the technical issues which occasionally arise and can interfere with the service. The number of clients affected by these over the life of the website remains comfortably in single figures and represents less than one percent of overall enquiries, and where such an issue arises I make relevant enquiries of the website's Hosting service and do two things: Act to reimburse or otherwise satisfy the client; and make any adjustments necessary to prevent the same issue arising in future. This has led to a very effective level of client satisfaction but it would be unrealistic to expect perfection, and dishonest to claim it.

I have held negotiations with HM Revenue and Customs at all levels including the Special Compliance Office.

I am a member of Mensa with an IQ of 156.

My experience covers a broad range of income tax, national insurance, VAT, corporate taxation, capital gains tax, employment/ payroll operation, self-employed tradesmen and professionals, ex-patriates, foreign workers in the UK, HMRC investigations, business valuation and sale/purchase negotiation, plus company secretarial issues.
I ensure that my knowledge is current on all personal taxation issues, thereby enabling me to attend to complex professional partnerships, entertainers, foreign nationals, ex-patriates, doctors, dentists, IT contractors, teachers, et. al. I have, in the past, provided consultancy services on mission-critical work for other professional firms that otherwise would have been done by permanent employees or established outside firms. In this capacity I have worked on the taxation affairs of many "household" name clients on behalf of other firms, particularly in the spheres of entertainment and expatriates. There is, however, a corporate snobbery around consultants in the larger professional firms and such work is often perceived as a sign that the consultant is desperate and cannot find "real" work so I prefer not to accept such assignments now. Accepting challenging assignments on this basis enabled me to leave behind the endless internal meetings, where dominant participants talk too much, taking over the session and eclipsing their colleagues, and which, in the larger firms, can absorb 30% to 40% of the time on a case. In a small firm less effort is required to keep staff activities coordinated and there is less scope for social loafing. In larger companies managers are often so polite that barely competent mediocre people feel comfortable sticking around and the cost of the inefficiency gets passed on to the client in the traditional "big firm fees".

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